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The name “Lowedges” originated from a farm near the Sheffield to Derby Turnpike, now Chesterfield Road, made up of several strips of land on both sides of the road. The name comes from the location on the edge of a hill or low, with “low” being a term for a hill in Derbyshire and “edge” referring to the strip on the edge.

- No callout charges! -
Martin, locksmith
In the unfortunate event that you are locked out of your home, Locksmith Lowedges can arrive and assist within the hour.

Picking a lockGain entry into your house or commercial premises without delay or incurring any more stress. Whether it be lost keys or a fault with the door lock, we will provide a solution and help you enter your home or workplace in a quick non-destructive manner.  At the same time, we can replace locks to which keys have been lost ensuring the safety of the premises once again.  

Our team of Lowedges With locksmiths are handpicked and thoroughly vetted to ensure they have the expertise to handle any lockout situation. With a Locksmith at workrange of locks and spare parts, they can repair or correct most locks in under an hour. Rest assured that our locksmiths are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide professional and reliable service in any emergency situation. In case of an emergency lockout, give us a call and one of our vans will reach you in 30 minutes. We have the expertise and resources to handle any type of lockout, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a reliable locksmith.

“Lock fresh installations” typically refers to the installation of new locks on doors, windows, or other access points. This may be necessary if you are moving into a new property, upgrading your security, or replacing old or damaged locks.

Fresh lock installations involve fitting new locks and associated hardware, such as handles, bolts, and strike plates, to ensure that the lock functions correctly and provides optimal security. A locksmith or other professional can help you choose the right type of lock for your needs, such as a deadbolt or multipoint lock, and ensure that it is installed correctly.

Fresh lock installations can be done on a variety of doors and windows, including front and back doors, interior doors, sliding doors, and sash windows. It is important to have new locks installed by a qualified professional to ensure that they are fitted correctly and function properly.

Overall, lock fresh installations can help enhance the security of your property and provide peace of mind, particularly if you have concerns about the effectiveness of your existing locks.