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Parkhead, a wealthy suburb of Sheffield, England, lies 3.7 miles SW of the city centre and is part of the Dore and Totley ward. It boasts high-end housing, including several notable small country homes.

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Martin, locksmith
In the unfortunate event that you are locked out of your home, Locksmith Parkhead can arrive and assist within the hour.

Picking a lockGain entry into your house or commercial premises without delay or incurring any more stress. Whether it be lost keys or a fault with the door lock, we will provide a solution and help you enter your home or workplace in a quick non-destructive manner.  At the same time, we can replace locks to which keys have been lost ensuring the safety of the premises once again.  

Our team of Parkhead With locksmiths are handpicked and thoroughly vetted to ensure they have the expertise to handle any lockout situation. With a Locksmith at workrange of locks and spare parts, they can repair or correct most locks in under an hour. Rest assured that our locksmiths are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide professional and reliable service in any emergency situation. In case of an emergency lockout, give us a call and one of our vans will reach you in 30 minutes. We have the expertise and resources to handle any type of lockout, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need a reliable locksmith.

Night latch locks can be used in fire doors, but it is important to ensure that the lock is appropriate for use in a fire door and that it complies with relevant safety standards.

Fire doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke and must meet certain safety requirements, including the type of lock used. In some cases, a night latch lock may not be suitable for use on a fire door, as it may not meet the required safety standards.

It is recommended to consult with a qualified locksmith or fire safety expert to ensure that the lock used on a fire door is appropriate and complies with all relevant safety regulations. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection of the lock and fire door are important to ensure that they are functioning properly and providing adequate protection in the event of a fire.